How to Become BookSharers?

Step 1 / 步驟一

Register & Label:Register your book at , label them with a tracking code ( that the website provides ). The labels will be provided at different BookSharers Points for Free, and then placed the books at any point.
登記及貼紙:在Booksharers.com登記您送出的圖書,輸入有關書本資料,網站將提供一組代號(由7個號碼組成),請將號碼寫在漂書貼紙,然後隨時放置書籍。 (漂書貼紙將在不同的「書送者」漂書站免費提供)

Step 2 / 步驟二

Read:Grab any labelled book at the BookSharers Point. There is no time limit for reading.

Step 3 / 步驟三

Review:Go to and enter the tracking number or book title that you can write or see the book’s reviews. (You need to register as a "Member" to continue using this function and enjoy a wide variety of members' activities. It is FREE)
書評:在Booksharers.com輸入書本代號或書名,您可以撰寫或查看該書的評論。(您需要註冊為“會員”才能繼續使用此功能,同時享受各種會員的活動。 這是免費的。)

Step 4 / 步驟四

Release :After you have read the book, release it at BookSharers Points. Thus another booksharers may find it, read it and repeat the process.
漂書:閱讀完本書後,請放在任何一個「書送者」漂書站。 讓下一個書送者找到它,閱讀它,延續漂書行動。

Co-Organizer / 合辦機構