Despite of promoting music into the community, we would also like to promote different kinds of educational and cultural activities. In mid April to September 2019, DreamChasers will host a brand new activity called 【BookSharers 書送者】in DB. The design of this activity is based on the concept of Book Crossing (sharing books that are no longer in use to the public, and let the book flow to different readers in the community), and throughout this event, we aim to further gather positive energy, strengthen our neighborhood relationship and most importantly to enhance reading culture in our community.

Book crossing means leaving a book in a public place (with labels ) to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise. It is not as established in Hong Kong as it is across Europe and in other Asian locations such as Singapore and Taiwan, but it has been slowly taking root in the city.

DreamChasers 除了推廣音樂藝術,更支持文化活動。DreamChasers 將在4月中下旬至9月舉辦【BookSharers 書送者】之活動。該活動以漂書( Book Crossing)的概念為藍本,透過漂書的形式凝聚社區力量,加深居民的鄰理關係及提高區內閱讀文化。


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